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Code of Conduct

The college has formulated a code of conduct or a set of rules and regulations governing the behaviour or conduct of individuals entering the college premises in the capacity of any one of the following:

1) Staff members
2) Students
3) Visitors
4)Code of Conduct of Staff members:

  1. Proper and courteous behaviour as part of professional and official decorum and as mark of respect to all categories of employees without discrimination on grounds of nature and tenure of employment. To show due respect to all office bearers and chairpersons.
  2. Proper and polite use of language as means of verbal expression, communication and exchange. Use of informal and casual forms of dress, abusive and slang words is strictly forbidden. This is to ensure that the atmosphere of the college is maintained. Correct use of language whether English, or Hindi to uphold standards expected in any academic institution. As literate and/or educated members of the college community, each one is responsible for upholding standards of correctness while speaking in a particular language. All college notices, letters and invitations are to be written in correct and formal English or Hindi as the case may be.
  3. Use of the polite conversational tone while addressing and interacting with each other, students and visitors. Shouting, screaming and calling out to one another in loud voices or engaging in loud conversation or discussion while walking down the corridors during class hours is strictly forbidden. There should be complete silence in the Library and in Reading rooms throughout.
  4. Use of proper gait, posture and gesture while walking, standing or sitting in corridors, in classrooms and laboratories. Pushing, jostling or shoving anyone to make way for oneself or while overtaking another is strictly forbidden.
  5. Correct use of facilities in toilets and washrooms as per standard norms practised in all public places like malls, etc., to ensure toilets remain clean and usable throughout the day. Use of bins to dispose of garbage and litter. Loud and noisy manner of gargling, cleaning of mouths and spitting (except in basins), belching, burping, smoking or chewing and spitting of paan, gutka, khaini, etc., in the college premises are strictly forbidden. This is to maintain public decency, health and hygiene. The College is under the jurisdiction of The Gola Municipal Corporation and disposes garbage according to the norms outlined by it.
  6. Eating inside the Library or any of the classrooms is strictly prohibited. Food is to be eaten only in the Boys’ and Girls’ Common Room, in the Staff Rooms and in the Office rooms of the College. Exception and exemption will be made on days on which College seminars and workshops are conducted.
  7. Responsible use of every article of college property and every facility provided by the college. Vigilance against damage and misuse of college property and resources. The College expects each member to be alert and vigilant and to report any misuse, damage or defacement of any item of college property including e-resources and college websites.
  8. The College requests all its members to work in a spirit of cooperation and harmony, to remove unnecessary and unpleasant altercations, conflicts through peaceful negotiation and discussion and to refrain from engaging in bitter verbal exchanges and/or activities that may threaten the stability and smooth functioning of the administrative and academic machinery of the college.
  9. All the Staff members shall carry their identity cards along with them on every working day of the college. Code of Conduct of students Same as above plus.
  10. Use of mobile phones in college premises during class hours and hours and dedicated for academic and research activities is strictly forbidden. Use of mobile phones in the Library and during Seminar Library hours is strictly prohibited.
  11. Students are not allowed to bring in outsiders (those without formal invitation issued by the College) or to use the college premises and the college property to host parties to celebrate events of a personal nature or to induct outsiders as guests in the name of student events like Freshers’ Welcome, etc.
  12. As student-members of the college they are responsible for all items of the College property they use and will be held liable for the damage, defacing and/or for the removal of any article owned by the college from the college premises..
  13. Proper and courteous behaviour as part of professional and official decorum and as mark of respect to all categories of employees without discrimination on grounds of nature and tenure of employment. To show due respect to all office bearers and chairpersons..
  14. All the students shall carry their identity cards every day to the college.

Code of Conduct of Visitors

  1. As a Co-ed college located in the of a suburbsarketplace, security of the premises and members is of topmost priority to the college authorities. This code is part of the security measures adopted by the college authorities to protect all members and visitors and the college premises and property from external threat of any kind. The college building is within the jurisdiction of the NANAK Police Station (NPS) and is under its protection. In case of emergency, the college can use the facilities extended by the NPS to handle any untoward or awkward situation.
  2. All visitors invited by the College are GUESTS and are to be treated as such and will enjoy the hospitality extended by the College.
  3. Visitors seeking information about any aspect of the college will be directed by the Security personnel to the relevant place be it Office, Principal’s office, Staff room. No visitor will be permitted to come uninvited to classrooms and examination halls.
  4. Visitors must come by prior appointment to meet teachers. They are to be seated in the College foyer in case they arrive without appointment and will be permitted to visit the Staff room only if the teacher concerned instructs the security to do so. No outsider can ramble or loiter into the college. This will be seen as trespassing and trespassers will be prosecuted. Staff members will be responsible for those they invite to the college premises within college hours. Staff members will not invite any visitor to the college premises or use parking space beyond college hours.
  5. Visitors, invited and uninvited, will fill the Visitors’ slip available in the College foyer before they meet any member of the college. The visitors’ slip will be duly sent up by the security personnel deployed to do so. Entries of visitors are to be recorded in the Visitors’ Book.
  6. The purpose of the visitors are to be intimated through intercom.
  7. The college is under CCTV surveillance; cameras are installed at all entry and exit points.
  8. The College guarantees safety and security to all within its precincts particularly guests.